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Qatar Cinema & Film Distribution Co. Signs an MOU

Qatar Cinema & Film Distribution Co. Signs an MOU

Qatar Cinema & Film Distribution Co. announces it has signed MOU Qatar Museums has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Qatar Cinema Co. which aims to revitalise the historic Gulf Cinema Complex, once a vibrant cultural hub frequented by locals and expats alike. The partnership seeks to bring new life to the complex, which originally opened to the public in 1972 as Doha's first cinema. This MoU will advance the preservation and rehabilitation efforts of the historic complex, striving to restore its past grandeur while integrating contemporary advancements and technology. The initiative aims to retain the original heritage building's essence, making it suitable for modern use without diminishing its historical value. In addition to restoring the cinema hall, the revitalised complex will feature a state-of-the-art Cinematique Museum – the first of its kind in Qatar. This museum will be complemented by studio spaces, a media/film library, a grand theater, food and beverage venues, and more. The Doha Film Institute will have an essential role in realising this vision, bringing in expertise and programming to ensure the success of the project. Meanwhile, Qatar Museums will oversee the display of its unique film collections, ensuring the authentic adaptive reuse of the complex. The MoU signifies QM’s commitment to reviving the influential role of cultural institutions, and aims to revitalise the complex that was once a cornerstone of local film culture and restore its former glory. This initiative also marks a significant step towards QM’s goal of preserving Qatar’s rich cultural heritage while simultaneously adapting to the modern needs of today's film and media industry.
Source: QSE