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Ahli Bank

About us

Ahli Bank (Qatari Public Shareholding Company) is one of the largest financial institutions and commercial banks in the State of Qatar. Ahli Bank offers a wide range of banking services and products, which include Corporate Banking, Retail and Private Banking, International Banking, Treasury and Investment Services, Financial Intermediary Services, and others through its branches throughout the State of Qatar and covers a network of ATMs located in the country. Ahli Bank is headquartered in Doha with a capital of QAR 2,551,146,170 of which 47.71% is owned by the Qatar Investment Authority. The remaining 52.29% of its capital is owned by Qatari companies and individual investors.

Ahli Bank Q.P.S.C. was established in 1983. Its modern vision is conservative yet visionary, aiming to preserve its traditional values at inception, established over 30 years ago, while simultaneously seeking competitive advantage to attract more clients and public trust.

Ahli Bank’s vision is to remain at the heart of Qatari society, providing advanced and efficient banking services, maintaining public trust, and serving its clients with ease and convenience. Ahli Bank Q.P.S.C utilizes the latest and finest digital solutions and technologies to facilitate its operations, as well as to satisfy and retain its customers while adhering to international standards and practices. The bank maintains its traditional values while embracing potent and necessary change in a distinct mixture that reflects the bank's identity, vision, and goals.

Social responsibility is also one of the key pillars that Ahli Bank centers its operations around. The bank continuously serves Qatari society by holding social, cultural, and athletic competitions and initiatives that it sponsors in order to encourage the development of Qatari society and investments in human talent.