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Dukhan Bank

Dukhan Bank (formerly Barwa Bank) is Qatar's bank of choice, helping people make better everyday choices through innovative banking experiences. A culmination of the successful merger between Barwa Bank and International Bank of Qatar in 2019, Dukhan Bank emerges as the largest Shari’ah compliant banking institutions in the country, leveraging the expertise and combined synergies of two leading financial players under one institution. Today, Dukhan Bank operates a wide-spread network of branches providing its robust customer base of over 130,000 customers with a range of financial services.

Powered by strong infrastructure, technology-led solutions, and highly skilled personnel, Dukhan Bank is at the forefront of the industry as one of the leaders in the Qatari market. Currently, the bank’s total assets are recorded at QAR 75.4 billion, a performance attributed to its business model which anchors diversity, innovation, and enhanced customer experience as its drivers for growth. Dukhan Bank’s success is driven largely by its diverse portfolio in Shari’ah-compliant financial services which span retail and private banking, real estate and structured finance, corporate and government banking, capital market service, as well as wealth and asset management products and services.

Today, this portfolio continues to grow on the back of Dukhan Bank’s service excellence and ambitious drive towards new markets, unexplored customer segments and pioneering financial technologies. In a borderless financial world, Dukhan Bank delivers on simplified, secure, and seamless banking experiences at the pace and purpose of businesses and people.