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Expenditure on Technology To Boost Digital Health Sector

Expenditure on Technology To Boost Digital Health Sector

Doha, Qatar: Qatar’s digital health sector is poised for a positive trajectory by disbursing initiatives on infrastructures and information technology. Researchers in the country affirmed that greater spending on the sector will help bolster the market as well as the economy.

“While there was no specific mention of digital health in the latest budget, the government noted that it had doubled its allocations for information technology over 2023,” stated Fitch Solutions highlighting the efforts to increase competitiveness and diversify Qatar’s economy.

It said: “This increased spending on technological innovation supports our positive outlook for the digital health growth in Qatar and signals continued commitment to the development of its digital infrastructure needed to drive uptake.” Various investments have been in place across several hospitals such as the government hospital - Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) strengthening the public healthcare sector. This has eventuated in Qatar’s objectives towards the Qatar National Vision 2030 in the region.

Over the years, the healthcare industry in Qatar witnessed a significant improvement as a result of substantial investments. The strong levels of support by the Qatari government continue to enable the country to reach greater strides in its digital transformation.

In 2017, the government rolled out Nabidh, an Electronic Health Record System, across the public sector. In the same year, the government also launched the TASMU Smart Qatar program to support the digital transformation of numerous sectors under QNV 2030.

“We expect that underpinned by the 2030 national plan, the government will continue to invest heavily into the digital transformation of the public health sector, supported by an increase in private investment,” Fitch Solutions added. This year, Numbeo’s 2024 indexes ranked Qatar as the 10th highest Asian country in the healthcare industry for its top-notch facilities and investments in infrastructure.