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Kagame Stresses Qatar-Rwanda Ties

Kagame Stresses Qatar-Rwanda Ties

Rwanda President Paul Kagame stressed the importance of the strategic partnership between his country and Qatar, especially since the GCC is achieving growth and is full of many important opportunities, highlighting the need to invest to sustain economic growth.

During a panel discussion within the Qatar Economic Forum 2023, Powered by Bloomberg, currently being held in Doha, he said that there is no country capable of achieving economic growth alone, especially a small country like Rwanda, pointing out to the need to build partnerships with market leaders.

He noted that negotiations have been completed and have moved to the stage of achieving what was agreed upon with Qatar, noting that the country continues to build partnerships with Qatar Airways, with work underway to build Kigali Airport, which will be 70% complete by the end of 2023.

Kagame said that economic progress can help address human rights issues, adding that the Republic of Rwanda is looking for strategic partnerships with market leaders, as it invests in biotechnology, and started manufacturing vaccines with BioNTech, as well as building partnerships based on innovation and supporting emerging companies in this field.

He referred to Rwanda’s pursuit of growth, highlighting the country’s investments in infrastructure and industrialization.

He added that the country needs resources that will not be available until it returns to the market, which is driving the country’s will to ensure its position as a reliable country that is able to pay its debts. He Pointed out that Rwanda does not borrow for the sake of borrowing, but rather with the aim of investing in sectors that achieve good returns, thus contributing to the well-being and development of its people.