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Qatar Chamber Keen on Leading Private Sector in Economic Development

Qatar Chamber Keen on Leading Private Sector in Economic Development

Qatar Chamber has maintained its “pivotal role” in leading the private sector and in ensuring that local entrepreneurs and the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector will have a significant contribution to the country’s economic development, an official has said.

In its latest issue of Al Moltaqa, the chamber’s economic magazine, Qatar Chamber acting general manager Ali Saeed bu Sherbak al-Mansouri said the chamber “continues to play a pivotal role in empowering entrepreneurship in the state, based on its position as a representative of the Qatari private sector and recognising the vital role that SMEs play in the country’s economic growth.”

Al-Mansouri emphasised that the chamber is actively communicating with key entities and authorities in both the public and private sectors to support and cater to the needs of entrepreneurs in the country, citing initiatives that showcase local products like the ‘Made in Qatar’ exhibition.

“Furthermore, the chamber has initiated various programmes and organised numerous events, conferences, and competitions aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs and business owners.

“These initiatives provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster the growth of their businesses and align with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 towards economic diversification and the establishment of a knowledge-based economy,” he said.

According to al-Mansouri, the chamber organised three editions of the ‘SMEs Conference’ with a focus on entrepreneurship, which featured a review of successful experiences from countries, such as the UK, Turkiye, and Germany, “attracting significant participation and generating valuable recommendations.”

Similarly, al-Mansouri said the chamber has been a strong supporter of home-based entrepreneurs and productive families through their participation in exhibitions it organised.

Earlier this year, Qatar Chamber signed an agreement with the Youth Entrepreneurs Club to promote cooperation between the two parties in supporting entrepreneurs through seminars, exhibitions, workshops, and other events hosted by the chamber.

In this context, Qatar Chamber sponsored the ‘First Young Entrepreneurs Forum’ held last February.