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Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company Announces the Start of Trial Production of the Gizaz Factory for Glass Containers

Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company Announces the Start of Trial Production of the Gizaz Factory for Glass Containers

Mr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Ansari, CEO of Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gizaz Glass Containers Company, announced the start of the factory’s trial operation after completing all construction and installation works and obtaining approvals from the relevant authorities. It is worth noting that in addition to QIMC, which owns 50% of the project, other local and foreign investors are parties to the project with total share of 50%. The total investment of the project is approximately 360 million Qatari Riyals. The trial operation of the plant began on 15th June 2024 as per the approved plan and in coordination with the Italian company responsible for designing, supplying and installing the equipment and production lines. The first step was heating the melting furnace using natural gas, which continued for 12 consecutive days to ensure that the temperature inside the furnace reached the required temperature for melting the raw materials, which is 1600 degrees Celsius. After that, feeding of the raw materials started gradually and forming the molten glass into the required containers started. The operational trials are planned to continue for about one month. After completion and ensuring that the required results and production quantities are achieved, the commercial production phase of the factory will begin. The plant will operate at full capacity, and sales to both local and foreign customers will commence. This is expected to begin at the start of next August. The factory is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar and specializes in the production of glass containers used for bottling water, soft drinks, juices, various food products and other materials. The factory represents an important development and the beginning of a new era for the manufacturing sector. It will contribute to expanding and diversifying the industrial base, completing its production chains and achieving the goals of Vision 2030 to develop the industrial sector in the country. The factory will help support and develop many existing consumer industries and reduce their production costs by providing their needs for glass containers instead of importing them from abroad. The production capacity of the project in the first phase is about 200 tons/day, or about 1 million packages/day. In the future, a second oven and additional production lines will be added, which will raise the production capacity to about 400 tons per day. This expansion is expected to improve the financial results of the project and significantly increase its profitability. The State of Qatar is considered the ideal location for this industry. The company has realized from the beginning the value of this industry and its importance on a global level. It has studied the project and taken the initiative to implement it based on the competitive advantages available to the project, the most important of which is the availability of energy sources represented by natural gas and electricity at competitive prices, in addition to many other privileges and facilities provided by the state to industrial projects, which will ensure the success of the project and enable it to compete in the local market and regional and global markets.
Source: QSE