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QCB Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

QCB Launches Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

The drive is in line with Qatar’s efforts to enhance awareness of cybersecurity risks

The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) - in association with Ministry of Interior, National Cyber Security Agency, and Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority - has launched a large-scale national campaign to raise awareness of information security under the slogan “Stay Aware”.
This is in line with Qatar’s efforts to enhance awareness of cybersecurity risks and its vision towards building a cyber-resilient society.
The campaign aims to build an information security culture within the society that can face challenges that accompany the accelerating technological revolution.
It mainly seeks to spread awareness amongst the public on the importance of data privacy and dangers of financial fraud, highlighting cyber threats that may arise in light of the rapid technological and digital development.
By identifying emerging and critical risks in the digital landscape, the campaign identifies the main channels of cyber fraud, which include phone calls, social media, e-mails, SMS messages and URL links.
The campaign also provides the public with best practices and practical strategies to avoid falling victim to such threats.
The QCB, along its partners in this campaign, emphasise the vital role of the ongoing awareness efforts in building a safer electronic society capable of responding to such threats.
The campaign aims to empower and protect individuals and institutions, establish a culture of electronic vigilance, and protect citizens from ever-changing cyber threats.

Source: Gulf Times