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QIB Holds Annual Staff Ramadan Ghabga

QIB Holds Annual Staff Ramadan Ghabga

Doha: Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) recently hosted its annual staff Ramadan Ghabga, a traditional Qatari celebration that resonates with the customs of the Holy Month.

This honors Ramadan’s traditions while also serving as a platform to fortify employee relations and foster the spirit of unity.

Among the attendees were Bassel Gamal, Group CEO of QIB, the bank’s Executive Management Team, and employees from all departments of the bank.

The event was inaugurated by a speech delivered by the Group CEO who praised and applauded the incomparable efforts of the employees during the past period.

The evening featured a variety of activities, such as interactive Q&A sessions with attendees, engaging competitions, and concluded with the distribution of assorted gifts.

“At QIB, fostering a sense of unity among our diverse workforce is essential, especially during Ramadan. Our long-standing tradition of hosting such events exemplifies our genuine dedication to enhancing interconnection and fostering a familial atmosphere within our organization,” said Bassel Gamal, Group CEO of QIB.

Gamal added: “The recent Ghabga celebration was a delightful occasion infused with the spirit of Ramadan while also served as a platform for interactive engagement and appreciation. It is through such gatherings that we seize the opportunity to express sincere gratitude to our dedicated employees, whose commitment drives the bank’s continual evolution and prosperity.”

In its commitment to enhancing customer experience during Ramadan, QIB has unveiled two new campaigns, delivering added value to its customers alongside social media competitions, cash prizes, and a motivational TVC promoting healthy habits during Ramadan. 

The first campaign, the annual Ramadan Auto Finance offer, caters to new and existing customers looking to purchase regular, electric, or hybrid cars. 

This exclusive offer features attractive profit rates and additional benefits. Furthermore, QIB presents a distinctive Ramadan spending campaign titled the “Double Loyalty Points” Ramadan campaign. 

Running until April 10th, 2024, this month-long campaign enhances the rewards experience for credit cardholders, offering them the opportunity to double their points with every supermarket purchase of daily essentials during this festive season. 

In addition, QIB has launched a Cash Bonus campaign extending over a two-month period until 11 May 2024, and offering a unique opportunity for customers who have commitments with other banks to transfer them to QIB and receive a guaranteed cash bonus that can reach up to QR100,000. 

The annual staff Ghabga is one of the many initiatives held by the bank to strengthen employee relations.