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Saudi Arabia Achieves Milestone in Vehicle Communication Technology

Saudi Arabia Achieves Milestone in Vehicle Communication Technology

RIYADH: In a bid to further develop intelligent transport systems in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has announced plans to launch the 5.9 gigahertz bandwidth for “vehicle-to-everything” technology, also known as V2X.

According to a Saudi Press Agency report, the Kingdom’s Communications, Space and Technology Commission has launched this venture to prepare for rapid advancements in the intelligent transportation sector.

This initiative will also facilitate the requirements of autonomous vehicles that will soon become a common sight on the roads.

The SPA report further noted that the launch of the V2X technology will help raise road safety awareness in Saudi Arabia and provide guidance data for motorists.

V2X technology uses sensors, cameras and wireless connectivity, allowing car drivers to communicate with co-drivers, pedestrians and even traffic lights.

As part of the plan, the commission will comprehensively analyze V2X applications, communication types and noteworthy advancements in this field.

Additionally, it will examine the existing regulatory practices currently used in different countries.

The SPA report added that the commission will also seek feedback from public consultations on the project.

It announced that the Kingdom will host the fifth frequency spectrum auction to provide International Mobile Telecommunications with 600, 700 and 3800 megahertz bands on Oct. 16.

With this effort, Saudi Arabia is classified as the first country in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to offer 600 MHz frequencies, the state-run news agency added.

The Kingdom is also the first in the world to provide IMT frequencies below the 5 GHz range.

Meanwhile, the commission is conducting this auction to improve the coverage of fifth-generation networks in the Kingdom. It will also enhance the country’s communications and technology sector position.

These initiatives align with the goals outlined in the Spectrum Outlook for Commercial and Innovative Use 2021-2023.

The spectrum outlook is part of the National Spectrum Strategy, which aims to unlock the potential of radio spectrum in the Kingdom for a brighter and safer future by 2025.

This comprehensive project focuses on advancing the development of fifth-generation spectrum coverage across Saudi Arabia.