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These are the Top Five Stocks on Qatar Stock Exchange this Year

These are the Top Five Stocks on Qatar Stock Exchange this Year

The Qatar Stock Exchange has grown significantly this year, with several stocks showing notable gains. As of June 27, 2024, the top five performing stocks are Qatar German for Medical Devices (QGMD), Qatar Gas Transport (QGTS), MEEZA QSTP (MEZA), Gulf International Services (GISS), and Qatar Navigation (QNNS).

Leading the charge, Qatar German for Medical Devices and Qatar Gas Transport achieved a remarkable 33% increase in share prices.

The Qatari German for Medical Devices Company recently announced the list of candidates for membership in the Board of Directors for the vacant seats for the current electoral cycle for three years.

Qatar Gas Transport, also known as Nakilat, announced that its Joint Venture partner "KSI Investments Limited" has expressed interest in exiting the Joint Venture "Qatar Shipyard Technology Solutions (Q.P.J.S.C.)."

Nakilat, which currently owns the majority of the voting rights (79%) in the Joint Venture, has agreed in principle to purchase KSI Investments Limited’s minority stake, representing 20% in the Joint Venture.

MEEZA QSTP has shown strong performance with a 22% increase.

The company recently announced the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Ghaithani as Chief Executive Officer, effective from May 23, 2024.

Gulf International Services, with a 19% increase, continues to be a major contributor to the industrial sector.

Qatar Navigation, also up by 19%, remains a crucial player in maritime logistics.

These top-performing stocks not only highlight the dynamic nature of the Qatar Stock Exchange but also underscore the diverse opportunities within its market, making it an attractive prospect for potential investors.

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