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Transportation Stocks Continue to Outperform Other Sectors This Year

Transportation Stocks Continue to Outperform Other Sectors This Year

Transportation stocks have performed remarkably this year, continuing to outperform other sectors.

As of June 27, 2024, the transportation sector had achieved a 30% growth, growing from QAR 4,285 as the year started to QAR 5,572.

This impressive performance is driven by the significant gains of Qatar Gas Transport (QGTS) and Qatar Navigation (QNNS), which have grown by 33% and 19%, respectively.

The transportation sector's strength was also evident by the end of Q1, where it recorded the highest growth at 14%.

This early momentum has carried through the year, setting the sector apart from others.

In comparison, other sectors have experienced varied performance:

Real Estate has seen a modest increase of 2%, reflecting steady but slow growth.

Industrials have remained flat, showing 0% growth.

Consumer Goods have declined by 2%, suggesting some challenges in this market.

Telecoms have dropped by 6%, reflecting a significant downturn. Meanwhile, Banks & Financial Services have fallen by 10%, while Insurance has faced the steepest decline, down by 14%.

These trends underscore the dynamic nature of the market this year, with transportation stocks leading the way. In the same period, the overall market declined by 8%, as seen in the General Index, which fell from QAR 10,831 to QAR 9,962.

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