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USQBC Aims To Foster Bilateral Ties Through Strategic Initiatives

USQBC Aims To Foster Bilateral Ties Through Strategic Initiatives

Doha, Qatar: Qatar and US embark on a 5-decade-long significant relationship having signed several memorandums in areas including energy cooperations, technology, and various investment projects.

The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) plays an important role in bolstering the ties between the two nations and acts as a facilitator by connecting companies and hosting events to promote vital collaboration.

In an exclusive interview with The Peninsula, Managing Director at USQBC, Sheikha Mayes Al Thani stressed the pivotal contribution towards facilitating trade and creating opportunities for businesses from both countries to engage in mutually beneficial ventures.

She said: “In 2024, USQBC will continue to advance bilateral trade and investment between the US and Qatar through strategic initiatives. 

These measures include further strengthening relationships with upcoming partnerships and key entities that are driving Qatar’s economic growth. Promotion of economic partnerships between various sectors, the establishment of industry-specific programs, organising trade missions and delegations, advocating for favorable policies, and encouraging sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

The official remarked that USQBC had successfully participated in the Qatar Economic Forum. Their goal was to strengthen relationships and explore partnership opportunities. Sheikha Mayes stated, “Through this participation, USQBC demonstrated its commitment to fostering economic growth, promoting business opportunities, and solidifying USQBC’s bilateral relationship with Qatar.”

The entity actively promotes investment opportunities in many industries like energy, infrastructure, technology, healthcare, and education. Through targeted events, seminars, and networking sessions, the council facilitated dialogue between investors and key stakeholders. USQBC continued to advocate for policies that support trade and investment between the US and Qatar by engaging with policymakers and government officials in both countries. 

It also strengthened collaboration between businesses, government agencies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders through numerous initiatives such as joint research projects, technology transfer programs, and educational exchanges.

Sheikha Mayes noted that “These collaborations contributed to knowledge sharing, skill development, and innovation-driven economic growth.” Additionally, USQBC promotes sustainable business practices among its members and supports Qatar’s sustainability agenda. 

The entity also advocated for Qatar’s sustainable development, aligned with the National Development Strategy (NDS3). 

Briefing on this year’s strategic initiatives, the official highlighted ‘ITA Agreement Signing’, which contributes toward reinforcing the trade relationship between Qatar and the United States. USQBC also contributed to the ‘SelectUSA Investment Summit 2024’ by creating an outreach program, connecting Qatari investors with opportunities in the US market, and fostering bilateral investment partnerships.

She remarked “The ties between the US Embassy and USQBC are highly significant, which in turn contribute to enhancing bilateral trade and investment between the US and Qatar. Throughout the years, collaborations have taken place to further strengthen these ties and promote economic engagement."

On the other hand, the council paves the way for robust digital bridges between the US and Qatar, to boost innovation in the technology realm and create a positive impact. She said “USQBC aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between tech companies in both regions. 

By organising events, workshops, and networking opportunities, we strive to facilitate partnerships and innovation sharing. Secondly, USQBC supports investment and business expansion in the tech sector. We connect US tech firms with opportunities in Qatar, whether through joint ventures, partnerships, or market entry strategies.”

Furthermore, Qatar and the US continue to engage in ongoing dialogue, engagement, and cooperation with relevant stakeholders. “In both directions, there appears to be a great deal of interest from the US in investing or expanding in Qatar. While challenges may arise, measures and sustained efforts are made to facilitate growth and stability in trade and investments", she added.