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QSE Weekly Review – 21st to 25th May 2023: A Snapshot of Qatar Stock Exchange

QSE Weekly Review – 21st to 25th May 2023: A Snapshot of Qatar Stock Exchange

Let's dive into the key highlights from the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) during the week of 21st to 25th May 2023:

  • Trading Value: The total trading value on the QSE amounted to 3,668 million QAR, experiencing an 18% increase compared to the previous week's value of 3,101 million QAR. Notable stocks in high demand were Estithmar Holding (352 million QAR), Qatar German Medical Devices (345 million QAR), and Dukhan Bank (256 million QAR). However, Qatar Cinema Film & Distribution, Ahli Bank, and Qatar General Insurance saw limited trading activity.
  • Listed Companies: Out of the listed companies, 32 managed to increase their traded value, while 18 experienced a decrease. The top three companies that witnessed a notable increase in traded value were Widam Foods (276% increase), Qatar Investors Group (266% increase), and United Development (218% increase). Conversely, Ahli Bank (87% decrease), Qatar General Insurance (78% decrease), and Medicare Group (71% decrease) observed the most significant reduction in traded value compared to the previous week.
  • Insider Trading: Net insider purchases on the QSE totaled 15 million QAR for the week, showcasing increased investor interest compared to the previous week's 13 million QAR. Nine companies recorded net insider purchases, while five companies had net insider sales. Thirty-six companies remained neutral or did not engage in any insider trading. In the previous week, nine companies recorded net insider purchases, 7 had net insider sales, and 34 companies did not have any insider trading activity.
  • Noteworthy Insider Transactions: Vodafone Qatar (7,100,537 QAR), Estithmar Holding (4,138,093 QAR), and Baladna (2,620,342 QAR) experienced the highest levels of net insider purchasing. Conversely, Inma Holding (2,001,370 QAR), United Development Company (1,061,123 QAR), and Gulf International Services (411,000 QAR)recorded the highest levels of net insider sales.
  • QSE Index Performance: The QSE index began the week at 10,651 points and closed at 10,465 points, indicating a decrease of approximately 2%. Among the listed companies, 32 performed better than the QSE index, while 18 performed below it, showcasing a mixed market performance throughout the week.
  • Stock Price Movements: During the week, 20 companies witnessed an increase in their stock prices, two remained unchanged, and 28 experienced decreases. The top three companies with notable stock price increases were Widam Foods (21% increase), Dlala Brokerage (15% increase), and Qatar Life Medical Insurance (10% increase). Conversely, Alijarah Holding (7% decrease), Lesha Bank (6% decrease), and Mesaeid Petrochemical (4% decrease) encountered the highest price reductions.

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Source: Sahmik